Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Data Shows That Online Shopping Habits are Conducted Similarly on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers

It goes without question that consumers are using mobile devices more frequently for online activities. New data released by eMarketer shows that online shopping activities are conducted almost equally across computers, mobile phones and tablets.

The survey conducted included 180,000 web users in 31 countries. Results are reflective of the first quarter of 2013. Of those surveyed, 93 percent said to have been using a computer, either a desktop or laptop, during the last couple years. Further, 60 percent said that they used their mobile phone to access the Internet and 66 percent said they used a tablet to access the Internet.

When it comes to online shopping activities, the data showed that 68 percent of those using a computer used the Internet to search for a product or service to buy. Likewise, 61 percent of mobile users and then 60 percent of those using a tablet did the same. Of these consumers, 61 percent using a computer made a purchase online while 52 percent of mobile phone users and 52 percent of tablet users did the same. The percentage of Internet users that purchased services was a bit less with only 35 percent of computer users, 32 percent of mobile phone users and 37 percent of tablet users completing this activity.

Aside from buying habits, the research showed that 50 percent of computer users, 50 percent of mobile phone users and 52 percent of tablet users reviewed a product or brand online.

While Internet users still turn to their computer a small percentage more than to a mobile phone or tablet, the use of these technologies is on the rise. With that said, consumers will continue to demand websites that are friendly to their devices without limiting any functionality. Keep up with this trend and give your consumers what they want by creating a mobile-friendly ecommerce website.  For the entire article, which includes additional statistics, visit eMarketer’s website here.