Monday, February 27, 2012

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Connecting Mobile E-Commerce and ERP Systems

In our latest post on ERP Software Blog we discuss how mobile commerce has changed the way many of us now shop online. With mobile sales expected to reach $31 billion in 2016, more and more people will be looking online to make purchases. If a company is taking orders online from their e-commerce site and placing them directly into their ERP system, having an e-commerce store that is branded for mobile compatibility can provide another sales channel for a company selling online. Read our full blog post on ERP Software Blog and find out how connecting mobile commerce and ERP systems can help grow business.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Google Plus Article Just Posted in the Elearning Library

Just posted in the Elearning Library new information on "How to Grow Your Google Plus Network and Why it is Important".

To read this article log-into your Elearning Library account and the information can be found in Step 7. There is also a great video link to guide you as you learn more about how Google Plus can benefit you as an ecommerce business owner!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Why You Should Attend Convergence 2012

The premier event for Microsoft Dynamics customers, partners and prospects is around the corner. Convergence 2012 will take place from March 18-21 in Houston and we will be there sponsoring. We have compiled some of the best reasons why you should make an effort and attend.
  1. Sessions - With over 350 break-out sessions geared towards different skill levels and audiences you are sure to find something that suits your area. Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics solutions whether you are a business decision maker or a power user there is something for everyone. Check the session catalog here to find a session that interests you.
  2. Networking - Convergence is home to thousands of Microsoft partners and customers from around the world. What better place than here to pick their brains, form connections and find out their business challenges and how Microsoft Dynamics has helped them.
  3. Find Solutions - With hundreds of exhibitors on hand you are sure to find an ISV solution that adds greater functionality and extend your Microsoft Dynamics solution further. View the list of Exhibitors here.
  4. Keynotes - COO of Microsoft, Kevin Turner, and President of Microsoft Business Solutions Division, Kirill Tatarinov, will be addressing Convergence attendees. Also, General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.) will be giving a keynote speech, which will definitely be a can't miss event.
  5. Have Fun - It is good to unwind a bit too, and Convergence offers many opportunities to do just that. Whether it is the opening Convergence Reception with Daughtry at Minute Made Park or the Rock-N-Rave party on Monday, March 19th which we mentioned in an earlier post.

New Mobile Marketing Article Added to the Elearning Library - Read it today! has added a new article about "Why Mobile Marketing is Good for Your Internet Business". In this article you can find out what mobile marketing is, the importance of mobile marketing and how it can increase your internet business' exposure in the mobile world. Plus you can find out how we can help you setup mobile marketing for your internet business!

The article is located in Step 7 of the Elearning Library. Log-in to your Elearning Library account to read this great information today!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Years Hence

Beginning Django E-Commerce is now over two years old, so a lot of the email I get is from people who want to read the book, but who are asking how relevant the book is.

The good news is that most of the book can still be used to learn how to put a project together. That was my intent in writing the book, and while a few things have become outdated, it seems to have held up relatively well, despite changes to the Django source.

I will make a few comments:
  • In Chapter 2, when I set up error logging with an app called Django-DB-log: this can be skipped entirely. Django-DB-log started having issues pretty quickly after the book's release, and it's since been superseded by Django Sentry. If you need error logging in your app in production, I'd start there instead.
  • In the chapter on security, I cover how to secure forms with Django's built-in CSRF module. This changed completely in Django 1.2, which now uses template tags and requires different configuration. Skip this section of that chapter and consult the documentation instead.
  • I discuss briefly towards the end of the chapter in which I cover encryption that you should be careful to comply with PCI guidelines if you choose to store credit card data on your own servers. The PCI guidelines on this changed quite a bit in 2010. My advice to any smaller merchant or programmer setting up a craft store for their spouse: if you care about PCI Compliance (and you should), don't do it. Let someone else incur the risk, if you can.
Additionally, there are some things I left out of the book because I wanted the beginning to have a gentler learning curve. For Django programmers, there are a couple of things I'll say that you would be very likely to benefit from using:
  • virtualenv - You're likely to be managing multiple Django projects on one machine, using different versions of Django, or different versions of other Python libraries. virtualenv simplifies the headaches associated with these very well. SaltyCrane has an excellent post on getting started with virtualenv on Linux (and, as a bonus, pip).
  • south - You can handle database migrations pretty easily with the built-in syncdb utility that comes with Django, but for larger dev teams, this might get problematic. I'd recommend looking at south to help you out. The documentation is excellent.
Also, Django 1.4 is in the works and should be released sometime in the next few months. The release notes promise some feature additions about which I'm very excited.

Errata and Updates

Hello, dear reader. I've just now deployed the errata for Beginning Django E-Commerce to the live site. You can download the errata from this link. The file is a PDF:

Download Beginning Django E-Commerce Errata

This was sent to me by a couple of very, very helpful readers after the errata mysteriously vanished without a trace from the publisher's website. I'm grateful that my readers are looking out for me, and that someone had a backup of it.

Another important point: I've recently returned to this blog and found several comments from the past few months asking for help with the book in various comment threads. If you need assistance with the book, please email me at

I'm happy to try and help if I can, but I prefer to avoid long back-and-forths in comment threads troubleshooting issues that are off-topic, since they result in "comment spam" for people who have posted previously. :-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pure-Ecommerce Announces Date of Video Marketing Seminar

Please Join Us on Feb 22 at 11am EST for our Video Marketing Seminar!

We will provide you with a conference line and log in number.

It will be very similar to  a powerpoint presentation. To sign up please email me directly at

We look forward to you joining for our first ever Video Marketing Seminar!

Our guest Speaking will be Rosie Battista! You will be able to email her questions following the seminar!