Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Authorize a Credit Card in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In this post we are going to cover how to authorize a credit card transaction in Microsoft Dynamics GP. We will begin in Sales Transaction Entry and authorize a credit card first, which will reserve funds on a card. Next week we will go over post authorizing which will actually charge an authorized credit card.

1. Open Sales Transaction Entry Window [Transaction-Sales-Sales Transaction Entry]
2. Create an Order

3. You will notice a CC Authorization window underneath the Sales Transaction Entry window.
4. Click [Transact] on the CC Authorization window. The CC Transaction Entry window will open.

5. The Amount will default to the Total amount in the Sales Transaction Entry window, in this case $107.00.

6. The default credit card on file will pull through.
7. Click [Process] on the CCTransactionEntry window.
8. A message box will be displayed to confirm the transaction. Click [Yes], if the transaction is approved, the CCTransactionEntry window will close and go back to the Sales Transaction Entry window and CC Authorization window. The authorization for $107.00 will be inserted into the CC Authorization window and a reference number will be provided for the originating document number.

      Friday, September 21, 2012

      Attention Clients: New Step 4 Video Just Released!

      We wanted to let you know we just released an instructional video for Step 4. The video includes step-by-step instructions to demonstrate how you use the backend of your internet business. This video is available for you to watch and review as many times as you like to be sure you understand how to use the backend of your site.

      To view this video, please log-in to your Elearning Library account, the video is included in document within the first tab in Step 4 - "How to work the StoreAdmin/BackEnd". This is where you will see the link.

      When you are ready for Step 4 or if you would like to go back and review the information in this step, we invite you to watch this instructional video! After reviewing the video several times and if you still have questions, you can setup a 30 minute consult time at

      Thursday, September 20, 2012

      Pure-Ecommerce is Hiring!

      We are looking to hire additional Project Managers as our business grows. Our Project Managers are responsible for managing the development of our turnkey and custom turnkey internet businesses. In this process the Project Manager researches and contacts vendors for the site. Plus, they select the products to that are loaded to our turnkey sites. Our Project Managers also work with our clients to provide their vendor list and answer any questions the client may have about their vendors and products.

      If this sounds like the job for you and you are interested in joining the Pure-Ecommerce team, please contact Jen at

      Tuesday, September 18, 2012

      Preparing Your Internet Business for the Holidays

      Now is time to prepare your internet business for the holiday season since it is just around the corner. Be sure to log into the elearning library to check out the calendar of important shopping days and how to prepare. This document is located within Step 7 - the marketing step.
      Also, if you have any design changes in preparation for the holidays, such as a holiday shopping banner, holiday shopping category, etc. be sure to get your requests in early. The waiting time for design requests can get longer around the holidays!
      Happy Tuesday!

      Monday, September 10, 2012

      Reminders to Start Your Week

      Happy Monday! We wanted to send you some friendly reminders and notifications as you start your week.

      Be sure to....
      • Back up your website each week
      • Log-in to the ELearning Library to check out the new documents. 
      • Continue working on your current step, when you are ready for your next consult you can schedule a time with our consultants at
      • Stay tuned for information being announcement about our new SEO Monthly Services. Pure-Ecommerce will be launching next week. We will be offering our clients monthly SEO services.
      Have a great week!