Friday, October 29, 2010

Demo Video for Azox Credit Card Extension and Encore's Recurring Billing

Earlier in June we announced support for our Credit Card Extension product with Encore Business Solutions’ Recurring Contract Billing. These paired solutions provide the user with the ability to process credit cards for SOP batches that are created by Encore’s Recurring Contract Billing. This creates a more automated and efficient billing process. View our demo video featuring Azox Credit Card Extension and Encore's Recurring Contract Billing.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Starting Monday! Very Important Please Read

Few great changes at

1) We now have a ticket support system. All emails to any of us at needs to go through this support system You can access the ticket system right through our site

2) We now have a support blog that feeds into the back end of your site ( if your hosting with our exclusive host EarthGirl) Be sure to be reading that blog daily. If your reading this your on the right track!

3) I noticed a LOT of you are NOT posting to facebook and twitter. If you want to be found you have to market your site. You should be posting to twitter and facebook EVERY DAY. You should blog daily if you can but at the very least 3 times a week.

Be Sure To Check Out MomPreneur Blog

Be sure to join and follow our newest blog.

This is a great blog for you to post comments to with links to your site for seo purposes!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Back Up Your Site and Other Friendly Reminders

If you haven't backed up your site please do so this weekend. The link for how to do this is on the blog.

Are you posting to facebook and twitter daily?  Be sure to do so! Include direct links back to your site!

If you change the log in to your site and we are working on your site PLEASE be sure to send us new passwords.

Have a great weekend! See ya Monday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

READ 3 Important TO DO's!!!!!

1) If you have not received a shipping/return page template for your site and would like one please email us at

2) Also, we are in the process of creating a social media and seo checklist. Watch for the coming your way soon.

3) Also BE SURE to set up your email to read something similar to the below. You want to always be encouraging signups for facebook/twitter/newsletter. I use gmail account quite a bit. I also use my for all of my children's sports, teachers, personal email, etc. The reason I do so is because I am promoting my business to all of these people while sending an email. Recently I sent out an email to all of the parents on my sons soccer team ( Jeff is the coach) one of the parents saw my signature and is now considering doing web design with us! Promote Promote Promote!

Jennifer Varner

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Webinar Tommorow-3 steps to Increase Online Purchases Sign UP!!

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Protect Your Commerce Business

Here are some important tips to protect your site

1) Change your password frequently.
2) Use letters, numbers and caps in your password
3) Back up your site 1-2 times a month onto your hard drive
4) Whe typing content for your site be sure to copy and paste onto a word document and keep it on your computer

Friday, October 15, 2010

Partner Testimonial from Rose Business Solutions

Feel free to watch this video featuring Rebecca Bunas of Rose Business Solutions giving a testimonial as to why they choose to work with Azox.

Our First ERP Software Blog Post

Check out our first post on ERP Software Blog that talks about why you should look at Microsoft Dynamics GP for E-Commerce vs. Netsuite. We look at three key factors as to why e-commerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP can be the right solution for your company despite many claims coming from NetSuite.

Friday, October 1, 2010

SEO Tips: Anchor, Alt and Image Title Text

Anchor text is the hyperlinked text that users can click on and be redirected to other sites or pages and is rated highly in most search engine algorithms. Below is an example of the html code of an anchor tag.

Anchor Text

Will be displayed as: Windows 7 where Windows 7 is the anchor text for the link

Tips for Using Anchor Text
  1. Use descriptive text, that is short and to the point and describes the content of the linked page
  2. AVOID using text like “click here”, “next page”, or “learn more”
Alt Text is an alternative text for an image designed for users that can’t display images in their browsing environment. Below is an example of this. Make sure your alt text is described properly, and also make sure not to keyword stuff. Many search engine companies like Google use image alt text as the main piece of information when trying to index and find out what a particular image is about. Read more about using alt text properly here.

Alt Text
Image Title Text is displayed by a browser when a cursor hovers over an image. It is primarily used so users are able to get additional information about an image. Even though it isn’t as important as alt text in SEO, it is a good idea to use image title text properly so users can know more about the images. This is especially useful when images link to other sites or pages. Make sure you properly describe the image title and design it with user click through in mind. You can see below that when a cursor hovers over the Microsoft Dynamics logo a text tool tip pop-up appears. The title code specifies what text will appear when a cursor hovers over an image. It should be noted that certain versions of Internet Explorer are known to use the alt text as well to display roll over tool tip text pop-ups.

Image Title Text

To find out more SEO tips request Azox free
SEO Guide.