Wednesday, October 20, 2010

READ 3 Important TO DO's!!!!!

1) If you have not received a shipping/return page template for your site and would like one please email us at

2) Also, we are in the process of creating a social media and seo checklist. Watch for the coming your way soon.

3) Also BE SURE to set up your email to read something similar to the below. You want to always be encouraging signups for facebook/twitter/newsletter. I use gmail account quite a bit. I also use my for all of my children's sports, teachers, personal email, etc. The reason I do so is because I am promoting my business to all of these people while sending an email. Recently I sent out an email to all of the parents on my sons soccer team ( Jeff is the coach) one of the parents saw my signature and is now considering doing web design with us! Promote Promote Promote!

Jennifer Varner

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