Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zila Implements Azox B2C E-Commerce Solution with B2B to Follow

Azox has launched another new site, a consumer-facing web store that sells brush heads for professional, electric toothbrushes. This B2Cecommerce website was built for Zila to sell their Rotadent brand replacement brush heads that are designed for professional rotary toothbrushes. Soon, Zila will also have a B2B ecommerce web store to sell their other product lines to dental professionals.

Zila’s B2C ecommerce website displays the brush heads in two categories, Plus and Classic, making it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for. Once a consumer has made a purchase decision, it is easy for them to add and remove products from their shopping carts. Then, when it comes time to check out, return customers have the option to login or a new customer can create an account. When the checkout screen had been reached, shipping information is calculated for the consumer and from this point, since Zila has also implemented Azox Credit Card Extension, an ACH or credit card payment can be processed instantly. On the back end of things, this B2C ecommerce website is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, which allows Zila to manage inventory real time, providing customers with the most up-to-date information possible.

This oral hygiene company is based in Fort Collins, Colo. with manufacturing facilities there as well as in Batesville, Ark. They are dedicated to finding suspicious abnormal oral lesions for pathology, preventing and treating gum disease and general oral health management. One way the company works towards this goal is by making products used for oral care and cancer screening that are sold directly to dental professionals, as well as the brush heads sold on the B2C website geared towards consumers.

Azox has developed and branded numerous B2C web stores in addition to B2B and customer service sales portal sites. Azox further offers epayment solutions that include ACH check/credit card processing and onlinebill pay. For those in the market for an ecommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Azox hosts monthly informative webinars and offers personal demos. The company also provides product demo videos on their website and a multitude of data sheets and white papers to answer questions. For further information, Azox can be contacted at or by calling (734)928-6010.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Important Tips on Loading Products to Your Site - PLEASE READ

Pure-Ecommerce would like to share some important information you should know as you are adding new products to your site. These new tips have been added to Step 4 in the Elearning Library. Be sure to review this new information today!

Please take note of the information titled in Step 4:
  • Copying Content From MSWord
  • Repairing MSWord Junk Code
For all the latest consulting and training tips refer to all of our steps in the Elearning Library!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

25 Great Cases for ERP System

There are many reasons to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Our latest white paper, 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, provides 25 real cases of how different companies in varying industries benefited from implementing one of these solutions. To read these success stories, download the white paper for free from the Azox website.

Many existing companies use ERP software to store both internal and external information across their entire organization in one place. This includes accounting, human resources, sales, marketing and more. When this data is located in one place, it becomes easily accessible by all employees, which in turn makes the flow of information within the business more efficient and the task of managing connections easier. This shared database typically operates real time, which ensures all information is as up to date as possible. It is also easy to install and get up and running. These systems typically use a database to host information and are able to operate with different types of computer hardware and network configurations.

ERP systems have been around for years. Originally they were used solely for back office functions, such as accounting or human resources. Then later the integration of front office functions came, such as Customer Resource Management (CRM) or ecommerce solutions like what we provide.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a type of this software and features four primary products, AX, GP, NAV and SL. These solutions have been implemented by both midsize companies as well as divisions of larger organizations. Benefits specific to using a Microsoft Dynamics ERP include:
  • Connection of information across the entire company, both internally and externally.
  • Readily accessible financial information and reports.
  • Management of routine tasks, freeing up time for employees.
  • Clear visibility into factors surrounding your company’s performance, such as profitability or areas that could use improvement.

These benefits and more can all be experienced once your company has implemented an ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

In some situations, additional solutions will be necessary to make your system complete. These add-ons provide additional functions not offered by your chosen ERP. Azox, for example, is an ISV offering add-on ecommerce solutions as well as online bill pay and check/credit card processingfor Microsoft Dynamics GP. Azox epayment solutions will soon be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM as well.

Reading about how real companies have benefited from implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP for their organization will provide insight into how these systems are beneficial. Download our latest free white paper to read about 25 success stories and check out this infographic for more information.

Friday, January 18, 2013

ATTN CLIENTS: Steps 2 & 5 have been Updated in the ELearning Library

Pure-Ecommerce would like to let all of our clients know the following has been updated in the ELearning Library:
  • Step 2 - Parts 1, 2 & 3 - UPDATED
  • Step 2 - Videos - ALL NEW
  • Step 5 - Parts 1 & 2 - UPDATED
  • Step 5 - Supplemental Materials - ALL NEW
The content in each step has been updated, plus we have added new visual references, tips and information to help you as you move through the steps. We have also added new instructional videos to Step 2 and Supplements Materials to Step 5.

If you are currently working on either of these steps or have already completed them in our process we encourage you to check out this all new material especially the new information regarding SEO.
    We encourage you to use the ELearning Library as you tool as you continue to grow and build your business. Log-in often to see all the great new info that can benefit you and your ecommerce business!

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Use of Multi-Store Feature Allowed Company to Establish a Unique Shopping Environment for Separate Division, Dimond Lighting

    Another new site has gone live. Dimond Lighting has selected our business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce solution hosted in the cloud for creating an online catalog that displays their product line, which includes a variety of lamps. Dimond Lighting is a division of ELK, a company that designs and imports outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and furniture for residential, designer and commercial use. ELK has also chosen Azox for their online store and has implemented our business-to-business and customer service sales portal environments along with our e-payment solution for ACH check and credit card processing. These solutions are all built on the company’s existing ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Dimond Lighting’s online catalog displays the various lamps offered by the company. The lamps are organized by type, for example table or floor lamps, and then by style, such as contemporary, traditional or kids. As a user browses the various selections, related products are suggested based on the item being viewed. The web store also includes a store locator feature, which allows users to find a location near them.

    This online environment, which was an addition to ELK’s ecommerce website, was created using multi-store. This is a feature offered by Azox that makes the process of adding an additional, separately branded site more cost-effective. Further, since Dimond Lighting’s site was built on the same Microsoft Dynamics GP database as the online store for ELK, all the product information can be found and pulled from the same location. Thus, through using the multi-store feature, Dimond Lighting was able to have its own unique URL, a custom branded site and all product information could be added easily using the same database as the first web store built for ELK.

    Azox has provided solutions similar to this for business of all sizes around the globe in the automotive, distribution, food and beverage, medical equipment, non-profit and retail industries. Azox is a recognized leader in providing both ecommerce and epayment solutions. For more information about these ecommerce environments built on Microsoft Dynamics GP and either our check/credit card processing or online bill pay solutions, contact Azox today. Each month we offer free, informative webinars about our products or you can setup a personal demo to gather more information.

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    January Webinar Topics: Advantages of Online Bill Pay, Secure Credit Card Processing and E-Commerce Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Throughout the month of January, Azox will be hosting three different webinars. We encourage all that are curious about our ecommerce solution or our e-payment and online bill pay products to attend one of these free informative webinars. Each one lasts around 30 minutes.

    Thursday, January 10, 2013
    12:00 – 12:30 P.M. ET

    Online bill pay makes it easier for your online business to collect payments in a timely, effective manner. Azox Online Bill Pay can be added to a new or existing website and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This solution allows customers to view, print and pay their invoices online, which helps speed up the payment collections process. Without the need for manual calculations, this solution also reduces likelihood of human error.

    Thursday, January 17, 2013
    12:00 – 12:30 P.M. ET

    Process credit cards and ACH payments securely and accept payments online using Azox Online Bill Pay and Credit Card Extension for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Azox Credit Card Extension provides PCI compliant credit card and ACH processing that allows data to be stored off-site through use of tokenization, which will reduce your company’s liability. Further, allowing customers to view, print and pay invoices online enhances self-service, improves the speed at which payments are collected and reduces errors.

    Thursday, January 24, 2013
    12:00 – 12:30 P.M. ET

    Azox ecommerce solution offers three options available separately or together depending on your company’s need, B2B, B2C and a sales order environment. These solutions integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP and help reduce the cost of your online selling operations while improving the experience for customers. The Azox ecommerce solution allows browsers to see real-time inventory and pricing information along with the most up-to-date product features. Customers will also be able to place and track their own orders online, pre-print invoices and check account statuses all from a secure ecommerce website.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    New Ecommerce Solutions Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP Provided by Azox for Two Companies

    Azox has upgraded and launched two sites, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Companyand The Salvation Army Central Territory.

    The first site, Joffrey’s, has implemented Azox eSource B2B and Sales Portal ecommerce solutions. These solutions have made it possible for the company to provide streamlined checkout along with the ability to track orders and sales history of customers. Additionally, their new web store was easy to build through use of drag and drop web parts and blends in with their already existing website. Joffrey’s is also able to keep inventory quantity and pricing updated easily and monitor behavior of shoppers while using the Azox ecommerce solution, which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company is located in Tampa, Fla. and sells gourmet, artisan roasted coffee and specialty teas, including black, green, red and white teas. Their products can be purchased at grocery stores, gourmet markets and coffee shops. Further, Joffrey’s products are used by hotels and resorts as well as some fine restaurants.

    The upgrade to The Salvation Army Central Territory’s web store makes this company the first site to be using Azox eSource 3.3, which was launched in December 2012. Through their B2C storefront, The Salvation Army sells clothing, books, music and gifts. The Salvation Army has also implemented Azox Credit Card Extension to make checkout smooth and secure for consumers.

    Azox develops and creates a variety of ecommerce solutions for companies around the globe in different industries. Ecommerce solutions are provided for B2B and B2C companies. A Sales Portal site for enhanced customer service is also an option, as is providing a web store for mobile users. These ecommerce sites are equipped with a number of standard features, such as inventory management, SEO functions and web analytics. Different modules are also available and include filters, product rate/review, one page checkout and more. Azox provides e-payment solutions as well, including credit card/ACH processing and online bill pay. These products are all compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP. For more information about this ecommerce solution, credit card/ACH processing or online bill pay, contact Azox today.

    Tuesday, January 1, 2013

    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year from We appreciate your dedication and support during 2012 and wish you a prosperous New Year!
    Be sure to think about safety and security this new year. Below are some simple tips to help you!
    1) Change all your passwords...( unless you just started with us)
    2) Make your passwords challenging!
    3) Back up your site onto your computer's hard drive.
    4) Back up your computer's hard drive!
    5) RUN a new virus protection software on your computer!
    Together lets make 2013 the best yet!