Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Use of Multi-Store Feature Allowed Company to Establish a Unique Shopping Environment for Separate Division, Dimond Lighting

Another new site has gone live. Dimond Lighting has selected our business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce solution hosted in the cloud for creating an online catalog that displays their product line, which includes a variety of lamps. Dimond Lighting is a division of ELK, a company that designs and imports outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and furniture for residential, designer and commercial use. ELK has also chosen Azox for their online store and has implemented our business-to-business and customer service sales portal environments along with our e-payment solution for ACH check and credit card processing. These solutions are all built on the company’s existing ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Dimond Lighting’s online catalog displays the various lamps offered by the company. The lamps are organized by type, for example table or floor lamps, and then by style, such as contemporary, traditional or kids. As a user browses the various selections, related products are suggested based on the item being viewed. The web store also includes a store locator feature, which allows users to find a location near them.

This online environment, which was an addition to ELK’s ecommerce website, was created using multi-store. This is a feature offered by Azox that makes the process of adding an additional, separately branded site more cost-effective. Further, since Dimond Lighting’s site was built on the same Microsoft Dynamics GP database as the online store for ELK, all the product information can be found and pulled from the same location. Thus, through using the multi-store feature, Dimond Lighting was able to have its own unique URL, a custom branded site and all product information could be added easily using the same database as the first web store built for ELK.

Azox has provided solutions similar to this for business of all sizes around the globe in the automotive, distribution, food and beverage, medical equipment, non-profit and retail industries. Azox is a recognized leader in providing both ecommerce and epayment solutions. For more information about these ecommerce environments built on Microsoft Dynamics GP and either our check/credit card processing or online bill pay solutions, contact Azox today. Each month we offer free, informative webinars about our products or you can setup a personal demo to gather more information.