Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zila Implements Azox B2C E-Commerce Solution with B2B to Follow

Azox has launched another new site, a consumer-facing web store that sells brush heads for professional, electric toothbrushes. This B2Cecommerce website was built for Zila to sell their Rotadent brand replacement brush heads that are designed for professional rotary toothbrushes. Soon, Zila will also have a B2B ecommerce web store to sell their other product lines to dental professionals.

Zila’s B2C ecommerce website displays the brush heads in two categories, Plus and Classic, making it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for. Once a consumer has made a purchase decision, it is easy for them to add and remove products from their shopping carts. Then, when it comes time to check out, return customers have the option to login or a new customer can create an account. When the checkout screen had been reached, shipping information is calculated for the consumer and from this point, since Zila has also implemented Azox Credit Card Extension, an ACH or credit card payment can be processed instantly. On the back end of things, this B2C ecommerce website is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, which allows Zila to manage inventory real time, providing customers with the most up-to-date information possible.

This oral hygiene company is based in Fort Collins, Colo. with manufacturing facilities there as well as in Batesville, Ark. They are dedicated to finding suspicious abnormal oral lesions for pathology, preventing and treating gum disease and general oral health management. One way the company works towards this goal is by making products used for oral care and cancer screening that are sold directly to dental professionals, as well as the brush heads sold on the B2C website geared towards consumers.

Azox has developed and branded numerous B2C web stores in addition to B2B and customer service sales portal sites. Azox further offers epayment solutions that include ACH check/credit card processing and onlinebill pay. For those in the market for an ecommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Azox hosts monthly informative webinars and offers personal demos. The company also provides product demo videos on their website and a multitude of data sheets and white papers to answer questions. For further information, Azox can be contacted at or by calling (734)928-6010.