Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Need Help Submitting Your Sitemap to Google? New Instructions in Step 5

Do you need assistance in submitting your sitemap to Google? We are here to help you! Pure-Ecommerce added new instructions on how to submit your sitemap to Google. This document can be found in Step 5 - Supplemental Materials area of the ELearning Library.

If you have any questions about Step 5 you can submit your questions to our consultant, Lori Hanks at lori@pure-ecommerce.com.

To schedule your Step 5 consult go to www.pure-ecommerce.clickbook.net to select the best day and time!

Remember to access the latest information in the 10 Step Pure-Ecommerce Process log-into the ELearning Library at www.pureecommerce.info.