Monday, April 8, 2013

Azox E-Commerce Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP Has Been Updated to Version 3.4

The latest eSource release is here, version 3.4. This upgrade features several new functionalities, web parts and other general enhancements. Some of these are as follows:

Guest User
eSource 3.4 includes the addition of guest user. This new functionality allows users to proceed through the checkout process without creating an account. All guest users will be tracked in Microsoft Dynamics GP under one identity. Guest users are only able to browse and make purchases on business-to-consumer (B2C) sites.

The filters feature has been updated in eSource 3.4. Users are now able to select multiple items under each category. For example, if filtering by color, users are now able to select multiple colors to filter by. This is the case for all attribute categories. It is also now possible to sort attribute values alphabetically to make it easier for users to browse lists with a large number of options.

Added Payment Page
eSource is now compatible with alternate payment methods, including Moneris and Authorize.NET.

Pay with Gift Cards
Gift cards can be used as a payment method as well. Gift cards may be used for partial of full payments depending on the amount that is on the card.

Other changes include:
  •  The addition of a check box for “billing address same as shipping” on the checkout screen
  • Minimum order requirements for one page guest checkout
  • Support of aggregate pricing for one page guest checkout
  • Quick Track for order tracking, which allows users to enter order number and email, phone number or zip code, depending on the unique criteria setup on a site, and instantly see the status of their purchase 

If you’re a current eSource user or someone interested in learning more about what Azox ecommerce software can do, contact our sales team to inquire about an upgrade or schedule a personal demo. Azox also offers three complimentary monthly webinars that highlight each of our product offerings built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, which are ecommerce, epayment and online bill pay solutions.