Thursday, April 25, 2013

Focusing on the basics: Are your Meta tags optimized correctly?

Meta Tags still play a big role with the search engines and we tend to take them for granted. Or, at least, we don’t tend to give them the focus we should. Remember, that Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions appear on SERPS. They have a huge impact on your marketing message. If you’re not seeing the click through rates you should, take a look at your Meta Tags. Odds are, they need improving.

Meta Keywords – they’re pretty much ignored by the search engines these days, but if you still use them, be sure they’re specific to the page they’re on. Don’t include a list of fifty keywords that cover your site as a whole. Keep it to 3-4 and be sure they’re relevant to the page they’re on.

Meta Titles – remember to keep them under 70 characters. This includes spaces and punctuation. They should be unique. No duplicates!! Think of it as a 3-4 word ad with your site name. Make your prospect want to read more about this item.

 Meta Descriptions – they’re limited to 150 characters for the entire message to appear on the SERP. They should be unique as well, the search engines just don’t like duplicate information at all! This marketing message should be specific and clearly explain what this page is about.

Taking time to focus on basic SEO tasks and refreshing that content that you haven’t touched in a while will pay off. Check your analytics if you don’t believe us!

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