Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wong Ngan Teng

My name is Wong Ngan Teng, a BAC Year 3 Trimester 1 student. This is my first blog entry for our E-Commerce group assignment. Writing blogs is not my forte, so many apologies for my poor writing skills.

Normally I spend my free time eating, sleeping, watching tv…. anything other than studying! I seldom engaged in Internet activities. Usually, I will only access the Internet when I’m searching for information to complete my assignments. Therefore, there are not many websites I have always visited.

Among the more frequent websites that I visit are, , which I use to search for information. Other than that, I will also log in to and access my personal e-mail account via regularly to get updated news from my friends and ex-schoolmates.

That’s all for the description of my life with the simple and basic use of Internet. I hope that I will gain more knowledge about Internet or E-commerce after completing this group assignment.

Thank you for spending time in reading my self-introduction. =)