Thursday, June 18, 2009

eBay – An example of E-commerce Success and Its Causes.

In my opinion, an example of e-commerce success is eBay which is a famous website visited by many people. The eBay was born over Labor Day weekend in 1995, when Pierre Omidyar, a computer programmer, wrote the code for an auction website that he ran from his home computer. Today, Omidyar's hobby is known as eBay, the world's largest online marketplace - where practically anyone can practically sell anything at any time. With a presence in 39 markets, including the U.S., and approximately 84 million active users worldwide, eBay has changed the face of Internet commerce.

eBay might be the first example where a commerce site has actually been built around a community where people are exchanging information and exchanging goods, services and merchandise. It is a software program that allows people, in one spot, to list down items of various interest and various degrees. It also allows people to be able to come to that very same site and look at what are available for sale and bid and buy those items. It uses the auction process as the method for establishing how merchandise is valued and eventually how it is exchanged between buyer and seller.

All eBay users can browse through listed items in a fully autamated way. The items are arranged according to topics, where each type of auction has its own category. They are having both steamlined and globalised traditional person-to-person trading. Their facilities are easy for buyers to explore and enable sellers list item for sale immediately within minutes of registering, the binding contracts of the auction is between the winning bidder and the seller only.

The causes the make eBay success is that it allows people to often times connect to some very fond and special early childhood memories. It allows people to make that connection and relive a lot of very vivid and very fond memories that they had from an earlier period of time. It could be anything from collecting baseball cards to toy soldiers to Barbie dolls to doll houses, and so on.

Another factor to consider is, people enjoy with the experience of the shopping bazaar. They enjoy the hunt, looking around for merchandise and they really enjoy the competition of the bidding process. Everybody likes to get a bargain, I think, in some way, shape, or form, likes to haggle a little bit over the price. The eBay auction format allows users to do that. The other thing is that as it has grown, it has become a very practical place to buy and sell collectibles or commoditie.

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