Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lim Wan Leng

Just to have a brief introduction about myself. I am Lim Wan Leng. I come from Malacca, a historical city which I miss always. I am a cheerful person who like happiness a lot. My hobbies are travelling, shopping, listening to the music, singing, learning new thing and chit-chatting with friends by using window live messenger.

The top website I visit the most are:


I visit it to check mail. There are many interesting and important information I get from those mail sending by others.
This web has helped a lot in my studies as it provides a lot of information that are useful in my assignment.
By visiting facebook, I get to keep in touch with my friends and family members at any time and any place. No matter how long the distance we are, we will still get the updated photo and information from them.
As most of my close friend using this to write their blog, I am always visiting it to read the blogs written by my friends to update myself with their latest news.
This is the forum I visit the most because it have a lot of recent news discussion. I can get those updated news from it even I am just stay at home.

That's all for my brief introduction.
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