Thursday, June 25, 2009

Application of 3rd Party Certification Programme in Malaysia

3rd party certification program is used to ensure that the original content of an electronic document is safeguarded from being changed by unauthorized person. Certificate Authorities (CAs) are third parties that issue digital certificates which used to authenticate websites, individuals and software companies.

MSC Trustgate is a licensed Certification Authority (CA) in Malaysia since 1999. They offer security solutions that are needed by individuals, enterprises, government, and e-commerce service providers using digital certificates, digital signatures, encryption and decryption.

It’s very important for an organization to ensure the security of their confidential data. Therefore, they can use certificates to secure their data and manage identification credentials from users and computers within and outside your organization. Examples of the certificates are:

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
PKI is a combination of software, encryption technologies, processes and services which safeguard communications and business transaction. It is done by exchanging digital certificates between authenticated users and trusted resources. By using PKI, an organization can achieve its objective of Confidentiality, Integrity, Authenticity and Non-repudiation of data.

Digital ID
Everyday, there are millions of transactions being carried out over the unsecured network. These transactions normally contain information such as customer’s details, company’s pricing decision and other highly confidential information. Such information can be easily altered if not properly encrypted. Examples of Digital ID are CryptoSuite and Secured E-mail.

Therefore, Digital ID provides protection to this information so that such information remains private in its transferring process by signing and encrypting transaction. It uses private key and public key performs following operations that supplement PKI:

  • Verification of real identity of an individual, computer, computer program & E-Commerce websites.
  • Assurance of confidential data remains private


  • Assurance that only authorized users have rights access to private data


  • Assurance that stored data have not been amended without authorization


  • Assurance that online users cannot falsely deny or repudiate their transaction


Furthermore, VeriSign is also one of the programs used by organization in Malaysia. MSC Trustgate is the first company in Asia which appointed as VeriSign Authorized Training Centre. VeriSign provides various types of security products such as digital certificates, payment processing, managed firewalls to mobile call roaming, toll free call database queries and downloadable digital content for mobile devices.


Besides Organization, Malaysian Government is also applying 3rd party certification program in National Identity Card (MyKad) of every citizen. MyKey is the PKI solution that works with our MyKad which allows us to conduct several Internet activities such as online submission of tax return, online banking and digitally sign documents.