Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chua Fend Ru

Hello, everybody. My name is Chua Fend Ru, usually my friend call me Fendi. I am a quit noisy person especially when my “mood” is good. I stay in Tangkak, Johor and my hometown famous with the shop of fabric. Now I study in Utar accounting course, why I choosing this course? Actually my personally like calculation more than science course. When I free I like to watch movie, I actually like a "homegirl", I like to stay home to online seeing those movie I like so much, and sometimes I also enjoy the feeling of shopping when my saving allow me to do so. Now, study in Utar make me feel so tension because we have a lot of assignment, mid term test and final test . So, i hope all of us can try our best to graduate.

The five internets that I visit the most are the:
http://www.friendster.com/ -Throughout this website my friend can know me more.
http://www.hotmail.com/ – This is the place I receive most of my mail to know the updated event.
http://www.facebook.com/ – The new website that everybody hits with, I can chit chat with my friend and so on.
http://www.dygod.com/ – This website I strongly recommend because most of the new movie are available here but take care of those virus.
http://www.google.com/ – this is the web that helps me to search most of the info that help me to complete my assignment.