Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Fireworks Ecommerce Website Built on Dynamics GP is User-Friendly, Navigable and Includes Streamlined Payment Processing

Streamlined Payment Processing
The most recent deployment from Azox is both a business facing and customer facing ecommerce website built on Dynamics GP for BigFireworks. Big Fireworks uses these ecommerce sites to sell fireworks to both consumers and distributors. The different types of fireworks available include aerial assortment packs, firecrackers, fountains, roman candles, three inch finale repeaters and more.

Big Fireworks needed a website that would allow potential customers to navigate their broad product portfolio, make purchases smoothly and securely and would have an overall positive impact in order to promote repeat business.

From the homepage, shoppers are provided with a left side menu that separates the various fireworks alphabetically by type. From here, a consumer or distributor can select the type of firework they are interested in, for example bottle rockets. This will take them to a new screen where all variations of bottle rocks are displayed with more in depth product information, such as price and stock availability. These products can further be sorted by price, number or name to help customers find what they are looking for. From here, the customer can choose to add any quantity of the desired firework to their cart by entering a custom number in a box provided. Some fireworks feature video demos as well.

Secure Payment Processing
On the homepage, Big Fireworks provides a minimum that consumers and distributors must reach for making an order in their ecommerce store. Once the order minimum has been added to a shoppers’ cart, they can click “checkout” and begin the process of making a purchase. Return customers can login to retrieve their saved data, such as shipping address, or new customers can create an account. Several types of payments are accepted include ACH and credit cards. Payments are processed securely and sensitive data is stored off site.

A Lasting Impact
Big Fireworks has an ecommerce website that is easy to browse. There are video demos and product reviews for consumers to view prior to making a purchase decision and several payment types are accepted to make the checkout process smooth. These features provide a positive experience for customers. It is also easy to find Big Fireworks on social media for further company research by following the links provided on their website.

Big Fireworks is one of many full ecommerce solutions built on Dynamics GP developed by Azox. Learn more about Azox ecommerce and secure ACH/credit card processing software for Dynamics GP by visiting our website