Monday, July 6, 2009

Review a Local, Transactional E-Commerce Site.

The term 'transaction processing' in an ecommerce environment, is the process of an ecommerce or online shopping website accepting and processing a customer’s debit or credit card payment online and in real-time, in return for services or goods. Nowadays, there are several transactional e-commerce sites in Malaysia. One of the most famous transactional e-commerce sites is Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) which can find in

The website design is simple to understand and their layout are very attractive. There are many events about new movies which users can find it easily like new hot offer and events, movie now showing, movie show time, reservation for tickets, e-payment or even e-payment tutorial are provided for new users. Moreover, the website will provide users with all the cinema location maps.

The conveniences of GSC is to provide information for its about their favorite movie synopsis. What they have to do is just simply click on the movie name then the synopsis will pop up. Besides that, users can also know other details such as new movies release date, running time and directors of movies. Most of the movie fans like to know about the story of the movie that they watch. Sometimes, GSC also provide some promotion to its users such as buy one tickets free one tickets with some conditions and EON Bank Card-The Ultimate Movie Card cardholders can get up to 50% off ticket with purchase up to RM100.

Moreover, users can enjoy reservation or purchase of tickets on this website through e-ticketing. Through e-ticket, users no need to queue up for buying tickets especially on weekends. However, users have to register to become members of GSC in the first place. For each transaction, users only need to sign in by entering their ID and password, and then they can select the cinema, movie, date and show time and the method of payment. User can pay by e-payment. All Internet purchases are confirmed bookings and no refunds, exchanges or cancellations will be allowed even if the tickets are not collected. There will be a RM0.50 booking fee and RM1.00 for Gold Class charge at RM1.00 per ticket for each successful transaction. When make payment the screen will show the total charge, users only need to enter their user name, IC/Passport No., e-mail confirmation and payment modes.

However there are some limitations faces by users when using services provided by GSC. One of them is when users using e-payments service, their card personal information maybe stolen. Second, not everyone can purchase e-ticket unless they are registered GSC members. Third, when we want to purchase on the spot we can’t buy tickets online. Fourth, information published on the website maybe insufficient for users in booking for tickets.

Although there are some drawbacks of services provided by GSC, conveniences provided are still more than its drawbacks. So, hopefully services provided by GSC can be improved to attract more users to enjoy its services.