Monday, July 6, 2009

Corporate Blogging: A New Marketing Communication Tool for Companies

Nowadays, competitions among companies are becoming intense. To remain success in market, a firm must ensure that it always provide top quality of goods and services to its customers. One of the ways is to have a closer contact with its customers and it can be done through Corporate Blogging.

A corporate blog is published and used by a company in achieving its organizational goals. Basically, there are two types of corporate blog which are:

Internal Blog
- A blog which can be accessed by employees in a company through its intranet
- It helps to improve its communication and culture in a company

External Blog
- A publicly published blog where company employees, teams or spokesperson can access to it
- It deals with marketing, branding or public relations purposes

Uses of a corporate blog may include the followings:

1. Helps company to achieve its business goals
A company can publish its information such as its recent promotion or future project on its corporate blog and public are allowed to comment on its blog entries. Then, person-in-charge will respond to comments given. This may become a factor to retain existing customers and attract more new customers because they will feel that they are valuable when company respond to their comments or requirements. Hence, achieve its business goals which are increase profits and new market for products.

2. Extend company image in marketplace
Company can publish some attractive advertisement about its latest activities, products or services in their blogs. It may attract blog visitors’ attention on its recent news and build a deep impression in them.

3. Provide a two-way channel between employees and customers
To remain competitive, a company must always ensure that there is a good communication between employees and customers. Blogs can help company by establishing mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and corporation between a company and its customers through keep informed on and responsive to its customers’ interest.

An example in Malaysia would be the blog by Dato’ Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia. This blog provides a chance for the public to communicate with Dato’ and as well as updated news of AirAsia.

Besides that, AirAsia also provide a blog site where its customers to express their comments or share their experiences with AirAsia. With the effort in caring and satisfying customers, it can meet its goals established in setting corporate blog, achieve customers’ loyalty and hence its ultimate goal- increase of profits.

Although there are usefulness in corporate blogging, risks still exist and company has to take into consideration in creating a corporate blog. Examples of risks may consist of negative comments from its visitors, loss of control over messages and neglect in handling blog. Thus, companies have to avoid these risks in order to achieve its best possible result as a marketing communication tool.

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