Monday, December 3, 2012

BIOLASE E-Commerce Site Now Live

BIOLASE Technology, Inc. has a new e-commerce store developed by Azox. Using our eSource software, the company now has business to consumer and sales portal e-commerce sites that also use our credit card extension. The sites are easy to browse, integrate with the company’s existing Microsoft Dynamics GP back office and mirror the original website's design.

BIOLASE’s B2C provides smooth checkout and the ability to track orders online. Order histories are also saved making reordering simple. Further, this site offers some SEO capabilities, including customizable title pages and meta data. These SEO functions help a web store get found by the search engines. This software also provides customers with real-time pricing and inventory information.

The Sales Portal site is for the support staff at BIOLASE to use. This software application makes it possible for the staff to view a customer’s order in their Microsoft Dynamics GP history. This allows the sales staff to not only provide efficient customer support but also to place orders, provide accurate inventory and pricing information and send invoices to these customers.

Through using yet another Azox product, Credit Card Extension, BIOLASE customers can be assured their credit card and ACH payments are processed securely. This credit card processing application is PCI compliant and makes use of tokenization, which is a process that takes the credit card number and replaces it with a token. By doing this, less information is saved on a server, making for a more secure transaction.

BIOLASE is in the dentistry and medicine industries. The company is based out of Irvine, Cali. and specializes in the development of lasers and related products, which also includes manufacturing and marketing of these items. These lasers are used to issue safe, pain-relieving treatments.

For more information about the Azox e-commerce solution, visit our website.