Tuesday, November 27, 2012

eSource 3.2 Has Been Launched

eSource 3.2 Has Been Launched

A new and enhanced version of Azox e-commerce engine eSource has been released and offers improved features for users. The following has been altered:

One Page Checkout
Users are now able to proceed through checkout on a single page. With the next release, more features in one page checkout will be added.

eSource Installation
Users are now able to install, register and update/upgrade eSource via its home site.

Address Book (RK)
New look created for the address book.

Item Details – Attributes
A new web part for displaying attributes of items has been created.

Web Parts Clean-up
1.       Company Setup
2.       Gift Card Admin
3.       Log on static page
4.       Load Changes on Production/Customer with Version
5.       User Maintenance with Salesperson ID
6.       Breadcrumb with CatalogEngine-List

If you are interested in learning more about the new update, contact Azox E-commerce.