Thursday, March 15, 2012


Head's Up! We do not want to cause any alarm, but we do want to make you aware of a new Hacker that is out there. That being said there are thousands of hackers, but we strive to bring you the latest information to keep your site safe!

Our technical team has seen few sites with the Black Hole Exploit Kits on them. It's a Russian malware/crimeware virus that attacks the person looking at the site and disable elements of the site.
1. It has been advised that you update Wordpress OFTEN ~

2. If you're not using an antivirus program, we STRONGLY advise you do so to protect yourself and your site. We recommned this antivirus program - It's $50/yr. -- 
4. Our technical team are running checks on both servers right now, so far only 2 infected sites.
5. BACK UP YOUR SITE TO YOUR COMPUTER TODAY - here's a tutorial on how to backup your site if you have not done this before -
Again we do not want to alarm you just to make you aware this hacker is out there. PLEASE take precautions and backup your site today!