Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time for a consult...WITH YOURSELF

Take time each Monday morning to meet with yourself and create a list of goals or tasks for the week that you would like to apply to your website business The list should include:

-a schedule of what will get done and when
-a list of seo tasks to complete for the week
-10 new products you hope to load this week
-facebook/twitter schedule

Organize your week...write out what NEEDS to get done. Running an website business can be overwhelming. There is so much to complete and when you get overwhelmed you can shut down. Staying organized and on task will help you feel very accomplished at the end of the week.


I take a piece of paper and write out the days of the week. I then write under each day what I need to do. Then as the days pass I cross the tasks off my list.

For Example:


Check PPC Ads
10 one way links
Start Article
Facebook Post
Twitter Post
Blog Post

Have a great week...and as always if you need anything contact for help! is closed next week for the 4th of July Holiday. There will be no consults or email consults next week. Be sure to set up any needed consults for this week!