Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Social media

In general, how should organizations deal with issues posed by user-generated content and other information spread over social media?

Today, social media has significant impact on organizations. One individual transaction with one customer can be known to millions of people around the world and change organizations in a positive or negative way in several aspects: reputation, finance, and even their own organization cultures.

Organizations should deal with these issues in various forefronts:
- Be aware of the power of user-generated content and information spread over social media. It's hard to accept the fact that organizations do not completely control messages that are delivered to the public anymore.
- Overhaul organization cultures for internal deficiencies or weaknesses and improve or transform organization cultures. Sooner or later, they will need to provide a place to have direct 2-way contact with customers and when time comes, they can mitigate risks of getting too many negative feedback or backfire.
- Provide a means via social application technologies for customers and employees to get involved in organization activities: from ideas to implementation to feedback.
- Have resources dedicated to the social application and be proactive in delivering organization messages via announcements, blogs, and programs. When issues emerge, resolve as quickly and appropriately as possible.
- Be creative in getting customers involved and tolerant with necessary changes both external and internal.