Monday, November 15, 2010

Azox Products Now Featured on LinkedIn

Azox has now posted its products on its LinkedIn company page. Each of our major product offerings are now displayed on that page and visitors can also click on each product to discover more information as well as YouTube videos specific to each product. LinkedIn users can also provide recommendations for products that they use and have these recommendations seen by others across LinkedIn. If you are using any of Azox solutions and are happy we would greatly appreciate your recommendation. If you would like to recommend any of our solutions please visit the Azox LinkedIn product page.

For our customers who have company pages setup on LinkedIn we highly recommend they do the same with their page and add their products and services. By placing products on these pages companies can enhance their visibility online as well as offer additional credibility to their network of connections that may be looking for recommendations before they make any purchases. To learn more about these great new features on LinkedIn visit their blog post.