Friday, August 20, 2010

Web Part Technology

Web parts, or also known as web widgets, are objects built on the ASP.NET framework that allows HTML elements to be added to particular zones of a page. This allows users to easily add, move and manipulate content on a page fast and easily. Many people are probably already familiar with Web Part technology if they have used Microsoft SharePoint. You can see in the screenshot below how SharePoint takes advantage of Web Part technology.

With eSource II, Azox’s latest E-Commerce engine, Web Part technology was implemented as a way for companies to create content and change the appearance on a webpage while minimizing the need to go into the source code. This also allows fewer IT resources to be used and can save time and expense. With web part technology, now less technically oriented staff can make changes and edits to a webpage without the need of a dedicated and experienced web designer on hand. Another advantage of web parts is that its modular and allows the web page to be broken up into sections, providing information on a webpage to be managed much easier than before.

With eSource II, there are many web parts that can be added to a page including social media functionality like blogs, RSS feeds, AddThis Integration and Chat. AddThis allows products on a consumer site to be shared across social media networks and bookmark sharing sites, providing a great way for customers to promote the products on a web store. Referencing the screenshot below you can see how items on a page can be dragged and dropped, much like using SharePoint. This facilitates the process of changing the layout of web elements and HTML on a page.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Other benefits of web part technology include:
  • Ease of upgrades and code updates. Changes made on a website will flow over from one update to the next. Custom web parts can also easily be built allowing for even greater customization and functionality.
  • Greater security. Web parts can also be assigned specific role-based access privileges allowing for greater security control.
  • Sharing of web part data. You also can have the ability for one web part to communicate with another. This allows data to be shared across different areas.
Utilizing web part technology in an E-Commerce environment can significantly help companies maintain a website easier and allow them to add the content that they want where they want. Web part technology is just one feature that Azox offers which aims at helping take businesses online. For more information, contact Azox at 734-928-6010 or