Friday, June 25, 2010

Azox Announces Integration with Blue Moon's SOP Auto Invoice

Azox is pleased to announce complete integration with Blue Moon's SOP (Sales Order Processing) Auto Invoice. SOP Auto Invoice provides the ability to post-authorize the SOP invoice batch automatically before it gets posted in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This saves time by removing unnecessary manual processes from your customer service team. SOP Auto Invoice allows for automatic transfer of sales orders, invoice printing, and posting within the Microsoft Dynamics GP SOP entry system. Azox Credit Card Extension integrates with this product and allows for automatic charging in between the invoice and posting stages of Sales Order Processing.

Azox is committed to finding new ways to improve upon its products and believes integrating with Blue Moon's SOP Auto Invoice will provide new opportunities and efficiencies for users wanting to automate the sales order transfer processes in Microsoft Dynamics GP. For more information on Blue Moon's SOP Auto Invoice, follow this link. To find more information on Azox Credit Card Extension, visit this link.