Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Beginning Django E-Commerce" Book Release!

Yesterday, Beginning Django E-Commerce was officially released on Amazon, so it's now in stock and available for purchase. I don't know how long it's going to take my publisher to get the "Look Inside!" functionality working, so I figured that I would post the 500 foot view of the table of contents here for those who are interested an overview of the book's contents:

Chapter 1 - Best Laid Plans
Chapter 2 - Creating a Django Site
Chapter 3 - Models for Sale
Chapter 4 - The Shopping Cart
Chapter 5 - Site Checkout & Order
Chapter 6 - Customer Accounts
Chapter 7 - Product Images
Chapter 8 - Implementing Product Search
Chapter 9 - Intelligent Cross-Selling
Chapter 10 - Adding in Ajax
Chapter 11 - Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 12 - Web Security Overview
Chapter 13 - Improving Performance
Chapter 14 - Django Testing
Chapter 15 - Deployment
Chapter 16 - Django on Google App Engine

It doesn't say it anywhere else, but the book uses Django 1.1. For those curious about what I cover in addition to Django: I use MySQL as the database engine, mod_wsgi to integrate Django with Apache and NginX in deployment, Google Keyczar for symmetric encryption of credit card information, Google Checkout and Authorize.Net as payment gateways, and the jQuery JavaScript library to handle the Ajax functionality. The last chapter is dedicated to showing the basics of how to deploy Django projects onto Google App Engine using the App Engine Patch project.

I'd like to express my gratitude to all of those people who purchased the alpha version of the book, and thank those of you that provided your opinions and feedback.